Winedale Photography consists of Fredrik Windahl and Atchara C. Windahl, active photographers since 2001. We are currently located just north west of Swedens beautiful capitol Stockholm. Photograpically we are active throughout most of Sweden and the world (when travelling). Even though we both enjoy photography our motif interest differs between aviation/aircraft photography and travel photography. Still we do enjoy to explore all types of motifes and techniques.

Atchara C. Windahl

Fredrik Windahl

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If you are looking for photos to frame or print, or a photographer for hire, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.

About the photos

Life is full of moments, short and endless, happy and sad, insignificant and important. Whatever value any given moment in life has to you, chances are it could be priceless. A photo of this moment, the way you see it, is equally priceless.

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